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Tree House Brewing Co. Coming To Tewksbury at TCC Location

Tewksbury Country Club has been sold to Tree House Brewing Company. The sale include the main building, tavern and golf course. Tree House plans to keep the golf course operational and transform the main building and tavern into a new location for its popular brewery operation.

Tree House Brewing began in a small red barn in Brimfield, Mass., with a five-gallon Coleman cooler brewhouse. It’s grown to a state-of-the-art 60 BBL, German-engineered brewhouse that regularly sells out of its popular beers and ales.

Tree House owns and operates five facilities currently. The primary brewery, coffee roaster and distillery is located in Charlton, Mass. It also has locations in Monson, Mass., a Farm Fermentory in Woodstock Conn., a brewery in Deerfield, and a taproom and brewery on Cape Cod that is extremely popular.

And, a sixth location is coming soon to Tewksbury! The Carnation will provide more updates as they become available, but the initial reaction from local officials is positive.

“I look forward to welcoming Tree House Brewing Company to Tewksbury. They’ll be an excellent addition to the community, bringing an exceptional, fresh face, and is another example of a top-tier company seeking to expand operations here,” said Select Board member Jayne Wellman. “I am grateful for the Ginsberg family, their development of the Tewksbury Country Club, and investment in south Tewksbury. Our little village offers some of the best restaurants and recreation in the Merrimack Valley, and Tree House adds another exciting dimension.”

From the company’s website:

The connections we cherish and the memories that we make are ultimately what matters most in life. Tree House was originally founded because we learned that great beverages held a unique power in contributing to this notion. Each decision we have made over the course of our evolution and growth considers this ideal first and aims to strengthen it as we introduce Tree House to more people along the way.

We have not been perfect. Crushing demand for our beer and visitation often led to a poor experience at our brewery in Charlton. But, in keeping with our longstanding promise to you, we used time during COVID to make moves. In 2021, we invested in two communities, Sandwich and Deerfield, in order to spread out the demand for our products and experiences. This has worked incredibly well – the experience of visiting Tree House is vastly improved from 2019 because of these investments and the tireless energy and enthusiasm of our team.  

Now in 2022, we have more news to share. Tree House is coming to the Greater Boston region and today we are announcing Tree House Tewksbury!

Tree House is purchasing Tewksbury Country Club from Marc Ginsburg and family. In getting to know Marc and his team, and in learning the history of the Club, it was clear that they share the same passion for great experiences and the meticulous attention to detail that we do. We will carry on their legacy with the full vigor and enthusiasm of Tree House Brewing Company. 

We will evolve the space into an expansive and inviting beer hall and retail store and continue to operate the golf course and various amenities with the full strength of our crew behind it. 

In searching tirelessly for a Tree House location north of Boston, we reached numerous dead ends when trying to find a property that met our standard marrying great architecture, accessibility, and an expansive outdoor environment. We were so delighted to find this property; with it’s towering timber frame aesthetic, it mimics a property that we would have considered building ourselves. It is an ideal showcase for the tremendous talents of our creative teams in brewing, coffee roasting, distilling, farming, and cooking.

The Country Club is situated ideally just minutes off of both Interstate 495 and 93 and less than 30 minutes from downtown Boston. Though it resides on a busy thoroughfare, it is constructed in a way that focuses your attention on the incredible green space behind and around it. 

Jobs & Economic Impact

Tree House locations bring a substantial amount of economic activity to the areas that surround them. To begin, we will hire thirty to fifty staff members in order to get operations off the ground with opportunities likely in the future. If you are interested in working with us, stay tuned to the Join Our Team page because we will begin hiring soon. Full-time team members enjoy fully-covered health insurance for themselves and their families along with a host of other benefits. 

Community Outreach

Tree House has a lengthy record of contributing to causes that affect the human condition from both a global perspective and a community perspective.

In Charlton, we participate yearly in Earth Day activities, donate time and energy to the Festival of Giving Trees, support several nearby charitable initiatives, and donated yearly to a nearby nature sanctuary.

In Sandwich, we participate in yearly canal clean-ups and have contributed over $80,000 to ten benefactors as part of our Hello Cape Cod initiative.

In Deerfield, now less than a year old, we lent our entire facility to the Franklin County Region of Governments to host an extensive COVID vaccine clinic.

In total, we have donated over $500,000 to local and international causes since our founding.

In Tewskbury, our first initiative will be a regionally-specific beer from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to regional causes. Historically, similar initiatives have raised between $40-$80,000.

In closing

Now in our tenth year, your patronage and trust have enabled us to pursue a dream we never thought possible. We are so grateful that you put your faith and us and have entrusted us with this opportunity.

Independently owned and operated, Tree House began in 2011 with nothing but a home equity line of credit and a vision. This feels surreal to us; we feel a deep sense of responsibility to continuously self-assess and improve to your benefit.

On the most fundamental level, Tree House exists to provide an outlet for friends and family to make memories. For us, success is measured by making products and curating experiences we are proud of. With this in mind, we could not be more excited to make a House in Tewksbury at the Country Club. 

Our roots are deep in the fabric of Massachusetts, and more broadly, New England, and calling this gorgeous sliver of the Merrimack Valley home fills us with pride and purpose to do even better on your behalf. 

The long-term vision for Tree House in Tewksbury is to curate a gathering space for friends, families, and groups to celebrate life and each other. As a gateway to points in the city and recreational activities to the north, we hope to build a cultural destination worthy of the region in which it resides.

We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you for reading, and have an excellent day.

Lorna is a U.S. Army veteran and 25-year resident of Tewksbury who has written for organizations ranging from the DIA to InformationWeek to a free weekly in New London that sent her to interview the pastry chef at Foxwoods.


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