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Letterpalooza: Residents, Elected Officials Make Closing Cases for Their Candidates

For the past few weeks, letters, endorsements, live forums and Q&As in the Carnation and other local news sources, including the Patch and Town Crier, have given Tewksbury voters a lot to think about.

Traditionally, news outlets cut off letters the week before an election, for a number of reasons. By giving voters a week to process all the information that’s been provided without muddying the waters, talk to candidates and think about their priorities, the hope is that we’ll all come out on election day informed and excited about our choices.

To that end, here are links to various information sources, and below are the final “make the case” letters from your fellow residents and elected officials, including Tewksbury State Representative David Robertson and a number of local board members. Thank you for being engaged in the democratic process, and we hope to see you at the polls on April 2.

Town Crier Candidate Forums on TewksburyTV’s YouTube channel:
Night 1: Planning Board, Moderator, School Committee
Night 2: Board of Health, Library Trustee, Select Board

All Carnation Letters to the Editor, candidate Q&As and endorsements from local officials: Tewksbury Votes 2022

You’ll also find information and letters in the Town Crier and Patch.

Am I registered? Find out here. Where do I vote? Follow this link to find your precinct.

Here are the letters that came in last minute, by race, in alphabetical order by candidate.

Select Board

Jomarie Buckley

To The Editor,

I am happy to be writing in regard to my wholehearted support of Jomarie Buckley for Tewksbury Select Board!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jomarie for many years; from her founding of the incredible organization We’re One Wilmington, to her work on the late Rep. Miceli’s campaigns, her time as a Wilmington Selectwoman, and, more personally, her tenure as my Campaign Manager.

I’m not surprised to hear the enthusiasm Tewksbury has for Jomarie. I’ve worked with her on public policy, within the charitable sphere, and on the most trying and delicate constituent issues — and she’s always taken on more than her share of the work and she’s always followed through!

There is simply no better candidate for Tewksbury Select Board. I look forward to working with Jomarie in the near future and I respectfully request your vote for Jomarie Buckley for Tewksbury Select Board on April 2nd! Jomarie is the leadership we need!

Representative David Robertson

Tewksbury voters,

We are writing in strong support of Jomarie Buckley for Select Board.

When I decided not to run for re-election, there was only one person we hoped would step up and help keep Tewksbury balanced and focused — and that was Jomarie Buckley. When I asked her to consider running, Jomarie had already made her decision. Jomarie saw what Tewksbury needed to maintain its strengths and what choices needed to be made to avoid mistakes down the road.

We have been friends with Jomarie for years. Her work on the Wilmington Board of Selectmen speaks for itself, and her experience on State Representative campaigns over the past decade have uniquely given her both an insider and outsider perspective on Tewksbury.

Jomarie works tirelessly for what she believes in. She is what Tewksbury needs for leadership. There is simply no better choice. So please join us in voting Jomarie Buckley for Select Board on
Saturday, April 2nd.

Anne Marie & Rick Stronach

Dear fellow residents,

I am writing in support of Jomarie Buckley for Select Board. Tewksbury should be both excited and proud to have such an impressive candidate on the ballot. From the moment I met Jomarie, years ago, I knew she was special; from her legal work and political experience, to her intelligence and sincerity. I am honored to call Jomarie a friend and I am looking forward to her leadership on the Board. 

Please consider and elect Jomarie Buckley for the Tewksbury Select Board at the Town of Tewksbury Annual Town Election, April 2nd. She is the best candidate and she will do the best job for Tewksbury!

Thank You,
Liz Carey

Editor’s note: Buckley was also endorsed by Todd Johnson

Mark Kratman

Outreach and local government experience – it is these two areas of importance that could benefit
Tewksbury with Mr. Mark Kratman elected to Tewksbury’s Select Board. Why the support and
confidence in Mark Kratman?
I have worked side by side with Mark Kratman previously on the Select
Board, I can honestly say that Mark has never pulled any punches. Like any two people, we may not
always agree, but he will provide his thought process as to why and how he comes to a conclusion or

From a community perspective, one can say that Mark is incredibly involved. Mark is out & about within the community seven days a week – rarely missing an opportunity to connect regardless of the venue. Regarding government experience, Mark has 30 plus years working with towns and city across
Massachusetts as a Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) employee.

With Mark’s outreach and government experience, please consider Mr. Mark Kratman for the
Tewksbury Select Board on Saturday April 2nd.

Thank you & best of luck to all the candidates!

Jay & Mary Kelly

Dear Tewksbury Residents:

I am writing this letter to support candidate Mark Kratman for Select Board.

The town of Tewksbury is an awesome town full of great people, families and volunteers that help get things done for the betterment of its residents. Mark Kratman is one of those residents who always has and continues to do good things for the Town of Tewksbury. 

Mark is a hard-working blue-collar guy who doesn’t have a problem getting involved and helping anyone who calls and needs assistance. So many things happen in this town because someone stepped up to get the ball rolling and followed up to make sure the little things are thought of and worked out so the Town of Tewksbury can enjoy the event or festivity. The mainstay behind a lot of these events and activities is Mark Kratman.  He has helped the seniors, the Veterans, the families in town, the kids of this town by organizing fun times for everyone to enjoy. There are too many to mention but our Memorial Day Parade is one example of the time and effort put in so the entire town can go out and enjoy the day with their family, kids and friends for a few hours of fun while watching the parade and activities that make that day so special. It doesn’t happen on its own but through leadership and support it gets done.

Tewksbury is a thriving community with lots of good things happening here and part of that process is having leadership and people willing to go the extra mile to insure we are on the right road. Mark Kratman has done that as a former Selectmen and leader always looking out for the people of this town. Mark “tells you like it is” and is always conscious of the burden we put on our residents through taxes and fees and is conservative in the approach of spending.

Taxes, water bills, heat, oil, gas and our own home expenses are very high and we need someone who will say no to some things and yes to others always cognizant of the residents and seniors of our community in these very trying times. Mark Kratman is that guy who knows firsthand the challenges Tewksbury families face day in and day out.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Mark Kratman for Select Board on April 2nd

Vinny Fratalia

Jayne Wellman

Dear Tewksbury Voters,

On April 2, Tewksbury has the opportunity to re-elect a hard-working, experienced leader to our Select Board. We are supporting Jayne Wellman, and here’s why. 

Jayne does the hard work of government competently and without fanfare. From representing our town on the LRTA Advisory Board and NMCOG, to finding funding to launch a mortgage assistance program during the pandemic, to chairing the bylaw committee, to proactively reaching out to Community Teamwork/CTI, Jayne excels at the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our town government running. She steps up.

If you’ve ever needed the answer to a complicated question, you can get it from Jayne. She has the education we need as a growing town with many competing demands on our resources. She regularly brings best practices to Tewksbury from her Masters of Public Administration program and her position as Business Administrator for the Town of Reading. She has the know-how.

If you, your child or a family member doesn’t feel accepted, Jayne demonstrates her support privately and also publicly, which matters and which takes courage. She stands up for what she believes is right.

If you’ve ever called her for help, you know Jayne responds with empathy, concern and confidentiality. She doesn’t talk, she acts. 

As Board Members of CTI, we have seen Jayne proactively engage with our CEO to take a regional approach to problems facing Tewksbury, including a lack of affordable housing. She reaches out.

We need more people like Jayne for Tewksbury. Please join us in voting for Jayne Wellman on Saturday, April 2.

Thank you,
Marie Sweeney and Rita O’Brien Dee

Editor’s note: The writers are board members of Community Teamwork, which serves Tewksbury and Greater Lowell.

Fellow Voters,

I would like to express my sincere endorsement for the incomparable Jayne Wellman for Select Board.  The first time I met Jayne, I had decided to show up at a sign-holding event, and I knew very few people in town. I approached her, and a few others, to discuss an idea I had for our local cable station. She WELCOMED me as if we had known each other for years. She LISTENED to me pitch my idea, as crazy as I think it sounded. And she ENCOURAGED me. These are very important qualities that any leader should have, especially one who is representing a growing and diverse community. 

The empathy she has for her fellow residents shows in everything she does. Her work, her family, her friends. Jayne is a person who would find a way to help anyone — she does not pick and choose. And she will work tirelessly to find the answer to your question. WHY? Because she cares. She cares about people. She cares about her community. And she doesn’t self-promote. Much of this is done behind the scenes.  

Jayne has grown to become a dear friend and colleague over the years, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will continue to represent all of us and work hard if elected. She is fair, she is grounded, and she is smart. She will always prioritize the needs of the community. I have the utmost respect for her, and all she has accomplished. Not to mention, she raised two very charming and bright children. And she drives a pretty cool Mini Cooper.  

Personally, Jayne Wellman is someone I would want on my team, because I know she would go to bat for me. And I hope she knocks it out of the park on April 2! I realize that people will always disagree on something. But she has the innate ability to engage in meaningful conversation, and try to find a middle ground. She has class, and she has moxie. All of these attributes I have mentioned are what the town needs on the Select Board. 

Maria Zaroulis

School Committee

Christine Chesbrough

Dear Fellow Residents,

I am writing this letter in support of my mom, Christine Chesbrough, for School Committee in the April 2nd, 2022 election. 

I am proud to say that Christine Chesbrough is my mom and most importantly my inspiration. She is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have ever met. Ever since I was a child, she has shown me what it means to be a leader and to fight for what I believe in. 

She has worked in various places around our community, such as being a Girl Scout Leader, a member of the North Street PAC, a religious ed. teacher, an administrator for several town-wide Facebook groups, leading the remote parents group, and creating a town warrant and getting it to pass. If there is anyone who does it all, it’s her. 

There are countless other ways that she has been involved as well, which truly shows how dedicated she is to being a leader in our community and how much she cares about bringing others closer together. 

Tewksbury needs someone who is going to fill the gap and help our community come together as one. I know my mom will ensure that this happens within our community, as her past experiences have done that and more. 

My mom has always fought for what was best for my brother and me, especially when it came to our education. I can recall the numerous amount of ways that she has helped her friends fight for what they need for their children within the Tewksbury School System as well. Therefore, I know she will fight for what is best for your children. Most importantly, she will help you receive exactly what you need for your child to succeed because when she wants to achieve something, she always gets it done. 

That is one of the things I admire most about her, her drive and her desire to never give up. It doesn’t matter how hard or stressful the job is, she continues to push through and work to the best of her abilities to make sure what whatever she is fighting for is achieved. 

I also admire her passion for openness and listening to new ideas. She is always listening to others and is always passionate about what they have to say. She understands the importance of being around people who are different from her because she knows that it helps foster success and creativity. Therefore, she always listens to everyone’s ideas and always takes them into account. A huge part of being a school committee member is being able to recognize excellent ideas and take constructive criticism. My mom excels at this. 

If it weren’t for her leaderships skills, desire for success, and passion for new ideas, I would not be the successful person that I am today. She has helped me achieve excellence with my education and outside of the classroom. Tewksbury needs a school committee member who is going to make sure the children are receiving the proper needs and the best education possible, as well making sure they are able to apply these skills outside of the classroom. If you want that for your child and your community, make sure to remember my mom, Christine Chesbrough, on April 2nd. 

Alexia Chesbrough

Planning Board

Jay Delaney

There are many solid candidates running for the Tewksbury Planning Board. Each candidate brings something to the table – different backgrounds, levels of experience,
and areas of expertise. That said, I believe the incumbent, Mr. Jay Delaney, has a proven track record that merits strong consideration for re-election.

If you watch Mr. Delaney in-action, there are few that are as heartfelt and spirited than Jay. With experience, wisdom, and a passion that is hard to match – please consider re-electing Mr. Jay Delaney to the Planning Board on Saturday April 2nd.  

Thank you & I do wish all the candidates best of luck!

Jay Kelly

Editor’s note: Delaney was also endorsed by Stephen Johnson


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