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Stephen Johnson Endorses Delaney for Planning Board

I endorse, and strongly encourage Tewksbury voters to re-elect Jay Delaney to the Planning Board. Jay has the experience, vision and passion that the board and the town both needs and deserves. 

Having served on the board for over a decade, the last five with Jay, I can attest to the importance that experience plays in serving on the Planning Board and in turn being able to represent the town and residents’ best interests. But experience isn’t enough on its own. You must have vision as well, and Jay has that.  If you cannot see beyond what is right in front of you and consider what the alternatives down the road might be, you can’t possibly be effective at looking out for the town and residents’ best interests. Jay has displayed that vision and voters would be well served to re-elect him to the board to represent them. 

Jay’s experience and vision alone are enough to make him the best candidate to serve on the Planning Board, but it is Jay’s passion that helps make him stand out. Just come to a meeting or watch one on TV and try not to see Jay’s passion for this town and its residents and how much it means to him to look out for both. 

It is for these reasons that I support Jay Delaney and I urge Tewksbury voters to also support Jay on Saturday April 2nd and re-elect him to the Planning Board. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephen Johnson

Editor’s note: Stephen Johnson is the chair of the Tewksbury Planning Board.

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