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Tewksbury Educators To Pack Tonight’s School Committee Meeting 

TTA will protest vice-chair Keith Sullivan’s doxxing, cyberbullying of mandated reporter

WHO: Tewksbury Teachers Association members, TTA President Conner Bourgoin

WHAT: TTA members and former athletes will hold a standout outside Tewksbury Memorial High School before walking in solidarity with a high school teacher and coach who was retaliated against by the School Committee Vice Chairperson. 

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 8 @ 6 p.m.

WHERE: Tewksbury Memorial High School 

For background: 

A Tewksbury Memorial High School teacher and coach, Peter Molloy, was retaliated against for fulfilling their role as a mandated reporter. Molloy voiced concerns to school administrators about the potential hazing “tradition” among the hockey team where players received team mohawks. He specifically asked for confidentiality in his email.

As Tewksbury school administration started beginning investigating the potential hazing, School Committee members were informed by the Superintendent and the Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson, being a recipient of the privileged, private news, then posted about the investigation on Facebook, identified specific traits to the educator who reported it, and mocked the educator’s concerns. The next day, Peter Molloy started hearing from multiple students and colleagues that everyone was talking about how he made a report, as then said, “against the hockey team,” even after requesting confidentiality.

Read Molloy’s full letter to the entire TTA membership about the incident along with screenshots to the doxxing social media post here. The files can also be downloaded.

About the Tewksbury Teachers Association:

The Tewksbury Teachers Association is a membership of 350 educators that negotiates collective bargaining agreements for all teachers, education support personnel, and student instructional support personnel. 

Conner Bourgoin, President
Tewksbury Teachers Association

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