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Tewksbury Librarians Bring Statewide Expertise to Roles

Tewksbury’s librarians are recognized leaders in their profession at both the local — Merrimack Valley Library Consortium, or MVLC —  and state — Massachusetts Library Association, or MLA — levels.

Teen librarian Emily Leggat is the chair of the MVLC Teen Services Committee, while children’s librarian Katrina Lewin is the chair of the MVLC Children’s Services Committee. Lewin is also very involved with the MLA Youth Services section and recently presented a webinar to librarians across the state, organized by the Massachusetts Library System.

The Tewksbury Public Library’s head of technical services and community outreach librarian Robert Hayes is co-chair of both the MVLC Technical Services Committee and the fledgling MVLC Community Outreach Committee. Hayes also serves as vice-chair of the MLA Program Planners section and the chair of the Northeast Program Planners Group.

Town information and technology services librarian Siobhan Robinson (not pictured) is the chair of the MVLC Technology Users Committee. Robinson also serves as chair of the MLA Library Information Technologies section.

Part-time reference librarian Jeff Pike (not pictured) is the vice-chair of the MVLC Technology Users Committee, and children’s specialist Heather Maganzini (not pictured) recently wrapped up her time on the board of the MLA Paralibrarains.

Professional development is a priority: Every staff member, for example, is in the midst of a series of year-long, monthly webinar training series. Each also participates in monthly in-person staff training. In addition to being avid readers of library industry professional journals, many staffers are active members of library associations at the state, regional and national levels, often attending their annual conferences and online offerings.

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