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Letter: Tewksbury State Hospital Campus ‘Unacceptable’

Resident calls out poor conditions for staff, patients and visitors

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring attention to the poor conditions of the campus at Tewksbury State Hospital. As a concerned member of the community, and hospital neighbor, I have witnessed firsthand the deterioration of the hospital’s infrastructure and the dangerous conditions it poses to patients, staff, and visitors.

The sidewalks on the hospital grounds are in disrepair, with giant holes and crumbling asphalt that pose a significant risk to anyone walking on them. Additionally, the roads throughout the campus have deteriorated beyond repair, creating dangerous driving conditions for staff and visitors alike.

Furthermore, the streetlights on the hospital grounds are broken and rusted, with exposed high voltage wiring, creating a significant hazard for everyone on campus. It is unacceptable that in this day and age, such a critical facility would be allowed to operate under such hazardous conditions.

In addition to the physical infrastructure, the vehicles used by maintenance workers are in poor condition, posing a risk to those who operate them. I have seen maintenance workers driving around in vehicles that are rusted, with broken parts, and missing headlights. This is unacceptable and poses a significant risk to the safety of everyone on campus.

Lastly, the hospital police are using old vehicles not adequately equipped, making it difficult for officers to perform their duties effectively. The lack of proper equipment puts both the officers and patients at risk, and this issue must be addressed immediately.

The state of the campus at Tewksbury State Hospital is unacceptable and requires immediate attention. I urge the State to take action and prioritize the safety of all individuals on the hospital grounds. It is essential to ensure that the hospital is a safe place for patients, staff, and visitors alike.

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick
Delaney Drive

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  1. George Ferdinand George Ferdinand April 4, 2023

    This letter should have also been sent to Rich Ma – the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the Hospital and/or the Tewksbury”s delegation.

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