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Letter: Candidate Is ‘Dedicated and Passionate Advocate for Health’

‘When my parents became eligible for Medicare, she sat down with them for hours to review their options’

Dear Fellow Residents,

As you may have noted from the yard signs around town, there are several ongoing campaigns for the upcoming election on April 1; in each of these races it’s important to understand the issues at hand and each candidate’s approach to solve them, and it’s equally important to understand the type of person you are voting to represent you and your fellow townspeople.

I am writing this letter to share why I strongly believe my wife, Katlynn Bugda Gwilt, is the best choice for Board of Health.

Katlynn (Kate, as I know her) and I have known each other for just over ten years, having been together for nine of those years and married for five years now. Katlynn has stuck with me through some challenging times in our relationship when my employer had me travelling overseas to S. Korea and China frequently for three to five weeks at a time. It was difficult to maintain a budding relationship through the constant travel, but thankfully Katlynn was committed and determined to keep our bond strong as she and I knew it would be worth it in the end. I am a personal beneficiary of Katlynn’s persistence and dedication, qualities she brings to every endeavor she champions.

As Katlynn and I welcomed our first dog, then second dog, and most recently our first child, I got to see a completely different side of her — almost like the addition of another dimension to her personality. In an impossibly short period of time Katlynn handily took on the role of mother, making it seem like second nature to her. While I played catch-up, she helped me to become the best co-parent to our daughter that I could be, never looking down on me and always ensuring we made parenting decisions together. Seeing Katlynn with our daughter fills me with such pride and happiness to be alongside her for this journey, and its clear that her love for our daughter knows no bounds. I am continuously in awe of her ability to maintain the same levels of care while still working and now campaigning; she is truly an expert multi-tasker! I have no doubt that Katlynn will continue to bring the same flexibility, accountability, compassion and empathy to her role on the Board of Health.

Katlynn has always been a dedicated and passionate advocate for health. I can attest to her numerous accomplishments and qualifications, having seen her grow personally and professionally over the years we have known each other. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to doing ‘the right thing’ instead of ‘the easy thing’, and her honesty, transparency, and situational fluency have earned her the respect and admiration of all those who collaborate with her. Katlynn is particularly focused on education and making sure health literacy is available to all in the community, evangelizing her own learnings and describing them in a way that is easily understood by all. When my parents entered retirement and became eligible for Medicare, she sat down with them to review their options for hours, until all their questions were answered. Katlynn’s ability to clearly and concisely outline what was needed to ensure they received the best coverage available was nothing short of extraordinary.

Katlynn’s professional achievements speak for themselves. She has a proven record of success in her field, with extensive experience in medication interactions and how they affect our bodies; the area of research where she earned her PhD. Most recently she has been studying gastrointestinal diseases in children, in which she was able to have a direct impact on the lives of pediatric patients, and where her expertise and dedication have earned her recognition from her peers and superiors alike. Given the opportunity to bring her expertise to the Board of Health, knowing she is making an impact on the lives of others in the community would bring Katlynn immense pride.

As a member of the Board of Health, my wife would bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing our community. Katlynn’s formal education combined with her passion for public health and education makes her the ideal candidate for this position. I have long admired her focus and determination, accountability and transparency, and compassion and empathy; I can’t wait to have the larger community benefit in the same ways I have benefited over the years.

As one of the kindest individuals and most well-qualified candidates for Board of Health in recent memory, I urge you to vote for Katlynn Bugda Gwilt when you enter the voting booth on April 1.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Eliot Bugda

This is the final candidate letter the Carnation will publish before the election. All those running for office had an opportunity to submit an introduction and letters from surrogates. We encourage voters to watch the recent forum, review various Q&As and go voice your choice on April 1, this Saturday!

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