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Letter: Bugda Gwilt ‘Will Go Above and Beyond To Make a Difference’

Dillon cites candidate’s recreation center effort, vision and background

Dear Voters,

For Tewksbury residents who may not know Katlynn Bugda Gwilt, I want to highlight several reasons why I believe she would be an excellent candidate for the Tewksbury Board of Health. Katlynn is an individual who is dedicated, focused, and passionate about health and wellness, and more importantly, she has a vision for the future of our community that we can all support.

I first met Katlynn when she joined our No Excuse Mom exercise group in fall 2021, and I could immediately tell she was a hard working and motivated person. Over the years, while becoming a busy new mom, it became clear that Katlynn is someone who will go above and beyond to make a difference for things she is passionate about.  And her desire for improving our town was an obvious priority for her. 

Her commitment to improving mental health resources for families in our community is truly inspiring, and her innovative solutions for establishing support groups show just how much she cares about the well-being of each and every one of us.

As a mother with four children in Tewksbury schools, I am grateful for Katlynn’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety of our children near our schools. Her efforts to improve crosswalk visibility and safety near the Center School Complex, are a shining example of her deep commitment to our community’s wellbeing. With Katlynn on the Board of Health, we can all be assured that she will put everyone’s health and safety first. 

I am impressed by Katlynn’s dedication to the well-being of our community. She has taken on a joint effort with another mom in our community to revive the recreation center in our town, which is something Tewksbury has been missing for far too long. This facility is such an important resource for our community, providing a safe and accessible space for individuals and families to engage in physical activity and improve their overall health.

Katlynn’s passion and commitment to this cause are admirable. She understands the importance of having a place for people to come together and engage in activities that promote physical and mental wellness. Her vision for the recreation center goes beyond just a place for people to be active. It will be a place for residents of all ages to connect, support each other and build a stronger, healthier community.

Her efforts and dedication to improving the resources available to our town are remarkable. I am grateful for the work she is doing, and as a member of this community, I can confidently say that we are lucky to have someone like Katlynn working for all of us. I strongly urge my fellow residents to support Katlynn in her campaign for the Board of Health. With her passion for health and wellness and her commitment to making our community a better place, I have no doubt that her presence as a Board of Health member would be an asset to our community.

Jennifer Dillon

The Carnation is happy to publish letters of support from residents for all candidates on the 2023 Town Election ballot. Please send your letter by March 27 to, attn: Ali Lightfield

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