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Graffeo Shares ‘Know Before You Go’ Voter Q&A

The Annual Town Election is Saturday, April 2. Polls are open 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.

1. Am I a registered voter ? 

Check your voter status online. The deadline to register to vote for this election was Friday, March 11th. 

2. Is my voter status “active”? 

Per state law, voters must return their signed census forms annually to the Town Clerk’s office to maintain an active voter status. Inactive voters are still eligible to vote, but will be required to complete additional forms and show an ID at the polls in order to vote. Voters who appear as  inactive can change their status to active by emailing a completed census form to before Friday, April 1 to avoid the longer check in process at  the polls.  

3. Where do I vote? 

Voters are strongly encouraged to know what precinct they will be voting in before arriving at the polls. Check your precinct online.

Please note that as a result of population changes from the 2020 Federal Census, the Town of Tewksbury has changed its voting precincts. These changes include the renumbering of existing precincts as well as the addition of Precinct 5A with a split representative district. For most voters, but not all, your precinct number has  changed. 


Precinct 1 Senior Center 175 Chandler St. 

Precinct 5 & 5A Senior Center 175 Chandler St. 

Precinct 2 Recreation Center 286 Livingston St. 

Precinct 6 Recreation Center 286 Livingston St. 

Precinct 3 Town Hall 1009 Main St. 

Precinct 7 Town Hall 1009 Main St. 

Precinct 4 Library 300 Chandler St.  

Precinct 8 Library 300 Chandler St.  

5A is a Sub-Precinct for State Elections and State Primaries only. Voters residing in Sub-Precinct 5A are considered Precinct 5 Voters in Local Elections.  

View the Precinct Map online

4. What will I be voting on? 

Educated voters will reduce the amount of time necessary in the voting booths and reduce lines and crowding while voting.  

View a Sample Ballot 


Bring an ID – in some cases voters will be required to show an ID. That ID can be anything (license, a current bill, email) but the voter name and address must match how you are registered. 

Keep your ballot dry and free from hand sanitizers – Do not use hand sanitizer while handling your ballot, and be sure your voting booth is dry as it will cause issues with tabulator breakdowns. 

Do NOT go to the POLLS if you have tested positive or have Covid like symptoms Call (on Election Day) 978-640-4355 for voting alternatives 

If you have any questions, please phone the Town Clerk’s Office at 978-640-4355 or email

These posts are from the great organizations around Tewksbury that provide updates to the Carnation.

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