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Letter: Burgett-Yandow Called Passionate and Knowledgeable

Dear Carnation,

I have known Nicole Burgett-Yandow for the past 12 years. We met through the community with our children attending the same daycare, and now together in the Tewksbury public schools. I got to know Nicole personally through these years, and I am proud to call her a friend. 

I have always found Nicole to be a very honest, caring, and kind person. She has a very compassionate nature and is very passionate and knowledgeable in her field of healthcare as a nurse practitioner. 

You can always count on Nicole to be the calming force in a stressful situation. She is a very supportive friend and never misses the opportunity to help others. Her positive attitude and great energy are contagious to anyone who knows her. 

With Nicole’s dedication, passion, and motivation, she would bring a wealth of knowledge to the people of Tewksbury. 

For these reasons I highly recommend Nicole Burgett-Yandow for the Tewksbury Board of Health. I strongly believe she would be an invaluable asset to our town,  and we would all benefit by having her on the Board of Health. We would be so lucky to have her! 

Thank you so much for your time in reading my letter. 

Kimberly B. Corn

Editor’s note: Saturday, March 26 will be the final day The Carnation will run letters in support of candidates, so please get any communications to us as soon as possible.

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