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Tewksbury Receives $193,935 to Alleviate Flooding, Seeks Resident Input

With the aid of a state climate resilience grant, Tewksbury is undertaking a townwide assessment of land that can be used for flood management and stormwater storage as well as affordable housing. The project aims to better manage and prevent flooding in roads, businesses and homes using nature-based solutions.

Residents are asked to weigh in on a survey that will run through Feb. 7.

The survey is intended to provide a better understanding of where regular and extreme flooding events happen in Tewksbury so the town can improve flooding models, identify residents’ priorities for green infrastructure and show how this analysis can help support affordable housing. The results of these efforts will be presented in future public meetings and outreach efforts.

The funding source will be $193,935 recently awarded to Tewksbury by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP), which is focused on resilience planning and flood mitigation in the face of climate change. The town is partnering with the Merrimack River Watershed Council and a local engineering firm, Weston and Sampson, in these efforts.

The project team has a multi-faceted plan to:

  1. Conduct a survey to learn what areas of town face chronic flooding issues.
  2. Determine what town-owned parcels of land could be used for green infrastructure and flood management.
  3. Identify potential flood-resilient properties suitable for affordable housing.

Residents and businesses impacted by flooding can visit the Town of Tewksbury’s Hazard Mitigation & Climate Resilience Planning website to find out more.

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