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Andover ZBA Schedules South St. Viewing for Saturday

On Dec. 2, the Andover Zoning Board of Appeals scheduled a viewing of the unpermitted contractor yard and abutting homes at 9 a.m. on Dec. 11 and continued the hearing to its Jan. 6 meeting, which will be in Town Hall.

Chair Elizabeth Oltman stated that there will be no discussion at the Dec. 11 walk through.

That meeting can be viewed here.

As background, members of the Tewksbury planning board and local officials raised concerns about the lot at 1323 South St., situated in Andover, being used to store construction materials, landscaping equipment, junk cars and other debris. Last month, Andover building commissioner Christopher Clemente found that the property was being used as a contractors yard without having the required Zoning Board of Appeals approval. Based on that finding, Clemente issued a cease and desist letter and ordered the owner, Matthew Strong of Forever Endeavor, an LLC registered at 4 Rennie Dr., Andover, to remove all equipment, vehicles, construction and earth materials forthwith.

Strong did not comply with that order and has asked the Andover Zoning Board of Appeals to overturn Clemente’s decision and/or receive a special permit to operate a contractor’s yard.

Here is the notice/agenda issued by the ZBA.

Andover ZBA Site View Agenda

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