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Letter: Resident Worries About Loss of Open Space

My heartfelt objection to Ames Pond project is not that it is a 40B, nor that it is a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) project. It is sad and frustrating that so many people don’t understand that this is our last piece of beautiful property in Tewksbury, and when it is gone, it is gone forever!

I have heard people say “Those North Tewksbury people are such snobs. They don’t want any projects on that land.” Instead, we don’t want to lose the most beautiful piece of land in Tewksbury.

Before it was fenced off, my husband, Jim, and I used to walk that property. It was so peaceful! There were wildflowers, birds, animals, and beautiful swans. If the Town purchased the property, it could be an oasis for the residents. Families could enjoy picnics. They could boat and perhaps swim. How much would it impact our taxes?

If I was wealthy, I would buy the land and give it to the town. But alas, I am not. I am sorry that the individual responsible for this does not have the same vision and feeling about Tewksbury and the residents and the environment.

One day the money from the project will be gone. The buildings will be old and worn. They are just materials. But the land will be gone forever.

Joan Unger Harmon

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