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Letter: Kelly Thanks Community for Contributions to the Town

Departing Select Board member calls out staff, colleagues and seniors

To the residents of Tewksbury, I would like to extend a profound “thank you”!  As a member of the Select Board for the past six years, it has been a pleasure to work for you. If I live to be 100, I will never forget the wonderful people that I’ve met and interacted with on so many levels.

To Tewksbury’s finest, our steadfast and first-rate Police Department, thank you for Protecting and Serving our community. Being a police officer, especially in these times, is one of the most difficult and challenging professions.

The same for our Fire Department. Your unwavering support and dedication to Tewksbury is equally commendable. Thank you for being the best in the business. The town of Tewksbury is grateful.

To the many town departments/employees, thank you for working on behalf of the residents of Tewksbury. We’re fortunate to have folks like you that contribute to our towns’ success and livability.

To the Town Manager and Town administration, thank you. As I like to say, I’m only one piece of the puzzle. Folks like you provide the foundation for the entire puzzle. Your hard work and commitment in making Tewksbury a wonderful town is impactful and noteworthy.

Thank you to the residents that volunteer on numerous Boards and Committees, your contributions fuel Tewksbury’s forward-looking outcomes. Whenever residents care, share, and volunteer for the betterment of our community … well, what’s better than that?

To the elected officials, School Board, Planning Board, Board of Health, Town Moderator, Board of Library Trustees, and Housing Authority, thank you for the countless (positive) interactions. Through thick and thin, we’ve worked together in the interest of Tewksbury.

To my peers, members of the Select Board, I thank you. Both past and present members have treated me with respect and professionalism. For me, that’s how politics “is supposed to work.”

To the Seniors, who grew-up in this town, raised their kids in this town, and continue to make Tewksbury your home … I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Tewksbury what it is today.

To my dear family and friends, thank you for always being in my corner. I’m lucky to be rewarded in this thing we call “life.”

In closing, politics can be described as hand-to-hand combat. For me, it was the opposite. Serving you, the residents of Tewksbury, has been a rewarding and extraordinary journey.

To all our residents I say humbly, thank you for making Tewksbury special. May the sun always shine on this little place that we call home.

Jay Kelly

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