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Tewksbury Back-to-School Guide: PACs, Hours, Supplies, Sites & Schedules

Since it’s coming whether we’re ready for it or not, let The Carnation help you prepare. Whether you’re new to the district or have had children in the schools for years, the information below is all “need to know.”  

First things first, the first day of school! This year, it is Wed., Sept. 1. As in previous years, students will be in class on Wednesday and Thursday then have Friday and Monday off for the Labor Day weekend. 

If you would like the whole 2021-2022 school calendar, please click here

School hours on full days:

TMHS: 7:30-1:50

Wynn Middle School: 7:40-2:00

Ryan School: 8:15-2:35

Elementary schools: 8:45-3:05

School hours on early release days:

TMHS: 7:30-10:40

Wynn Middle School: 7:40-10:50

Ryan School: 8:15-11:25

Elementary schools: 8:45-12:10

Next, the back-to-school list. 

Lists for grades pre-K through 4th and teams for the Ryan School and Wynn Middle School can be found on the district’s website:

Don’t have the time to shop? Try the Target School List Assist. Follow this link and choose “Pick up at the store” or “Ship to your address.”  Then enter your ZIP code, pick the Target of your choice (if you’re picking up), and select your school, then grade.  You’ll be able to add items from your class supplies list to your Target shopping cart.

Please note some teachers send out supply lists that slightly differ from the posted ones, so always defer to the teacher’s list.  

Don’t forget your summer reading! 

You can find your child’s summer reading packet here  If you’re not sure what books to pick, the Tewksbury Public Library always has shelves dedicated to summer reading.  

Find your transportation schedule.

The bus schedule for all schools should be out a week or so before the school year starts. Stay tuned to the district page for that information.

Get involved with the PAC.

Once school has started, a good way to stay in the loop is through the PACs. The PACs, or Parent Advisory Councils, fundraise to provide arts and enrichment opportunities, school events, teacher appreciation, the after-prom All Night Long Party and various other needs that arise throughout the school year.

How to find your school PAC: 

Dewing/North St.

Facebook page:


Heath Brook & Trahan PAC

Facebook page:



Ryan PAC

Facebook page:


Wynn PAC

Facebook page:



Facebook page:

School Committee 411

Finally, to stay up-to-date on policies and programs, check out your Tewksbury School Committee meetings in person or on YouTube. Administrators provide status reports and updates on new programs. Watching these meetings is a great way to stay informed.

The School Committee and Tewksbury Public Schools websites are a source for manuals and schedules.

Tewksbury SC site:

TPS main site:

Tewksbury TV on YouTube:

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