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Conservation Commission Grants Hobarts a One-Year Extension

Tree House, Tewksbury Dental hearings continued to Sept. 20; last chance to weigh in on bylaw changes

The Tewksbury Conservation Commission met last night with new member Linda Darveau, a retired EPA environmental scientist with 32 years’ experience who was nominated for the seat by Patrick Holland.

Looks like the new, greatly expanded, Hobart’s General Store isn’t opening anytime soon. Tom Schomburg of Civil Design Consultants requested a one-year extension on the order of conditions, which was set to expire on October 8. He said the new building will be complete within the year but had no insights to offer on the reasons for the delay.

Schomburg also received a certificate of compliance for the new parking lot at Wamesit Lanes.

Hearings for the Ginsburg Realty Group projects on Pine St., Tree House Brewing’s overflow lot, the Holt & Bugbee Co. lot split and the Tewksbury Dental parking expansion were all continued.

Jim Hanley of Civil Design Consultants presented on behalf of Yvon Cormier’s proposed development on Vale St. The lot is 18 acres, with 12 of those wetlands. Cormier is proposing to carve out four lots with frontage on Vale and build three single-family homes. Planning Board approval is still required. On questioning by Darveau, Hanley said the fourth lot may be unbuildable.

Chair Daniel Ronan asked Hanley if Cormier would consider donating the fourth lot as open space. Hanley said he would present that proposal and added that the lots were positioned to be as far away as possible from the existing stream that runs through the property. 

Mark Pieleski of 136 Vale St. said it’s been an “ongoing 40 year trek” to develop this area and stated that he’d like to see all the remaining acreage made conservation land. 

“I think the last two to four weeks really give us a good indication of what Mother Nature can do,” said Pieleski. “That whole area back there, when we had that six inches of rain, was pretty nasty.”

Other abutters also expressed concern about the wetlands and perennial stream that drains through a culvert under Vale St. 

The hearing was continued.

Finally, Conservation Agent Joe Fontaine reminded residents that proposed changes to the town’s Wetland Protection Bylaw & Regulations will be on the October Special Town Meeting warrant. There will be a public hearing on those updates, which are available here. Any resident who is interested in commenting on changes should plan to attend the next meeting on Sept. 20.

Lorna is a U.S. Army veteran and 25-year resident of Tewksbury who has written for organizations ranging from the DIA to InformationWeek to a free weekly in New London that sent her to interview the pastry chef at Foxwoods.

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