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Letter: ‘Brewery Needs to Revisit Their Growth Plans’

Resident raises concerns about Rt. 38 traffic from Tree House overflow lot

To the editor,

The proposal by Treehouse Brewery to add 100 spaces of additional customer parking at the former Funland Park property is of serious concern to me and other Tewksbury residents.

The popularity of their craft beers has created enormous interest by the craft beer devotees. In fact, the customer and vehicle parking at their flagship operation in Charlton, MA, has caused major traffic jams and traffic accidents requiring big changes to State Road-Route 20. Note is made that Route 20 is a four-lane roadway, while Route 38-Main St. is only a two-lane road. Thus, alterations to Main Street to mitigate the potential pedestrian and vehicle congestion will be very difficult to achieve.

The brewery has proposed a number of traffic mitigation plans to the Tewksbury Planning Board to mitigate the potential pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the intersection of Main St. and Livingston St. In my opinion, no amount of new turning lanes and pedestrian walk lights will solve the major traffic issues we all will possibly face during their peak operating hours. The Town Boards need to fully evaluate the impact of this aggressive proposal in concert with the MA DOT before it has a lasting impact on our community’s quality of life, especially for the residents of Eagles Landing.

Lastly, the Brewery needs to revisit their growth plans and not place an undue burden on its communities for the sake of their bottom line. Being a good corporate citizen should also be important value for them to consider.

Robert Kelley

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