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Tewksbury Housing Authority Reorganizes With Newly Elected Member

High scores for Tewksbury’s yearly PHAS report

The Tewksbury Housing Authority met Monday at its offices on Saunders Circle. The first order of business was to congratulate Ryan Lloyd on his recent election to the HA. Chair John Deputat announced that Cheryl Wight would not be in attendance.

Deputat then called for a reorganization of officers. Deputat remains chair, Cheryl Wight will remain the vice-chair, Mark DiFruscia remains treasurer and Lloyd was voted vice-treasurer.

There remains one unfilled seat as the HA awaits an appointee by the Healey administration.

DCHD issued a revised notice regarding the disposition of properties/vacant land. Executive Director Melissa Maniscalco stated that the Tewksbury Housing Authority has no vacant or underutilized land for housing production.

There are three vacancies at Carnation Drive and one at Saunders Circle, all of which will soon be occupied upon completion of rehab.

Residents of Delaney Drive are being notified that the roof project will start in less than 30 days. The final 11 units needing shower upgrades will be inspected at the end of this week.

The Public Housing Assessment System, or PHAS, is the mechanism that HUD uses to assess a public HA’s performance in managing its low-rent public housing programs. The Tewksbury Housing Authority was awarded HIGH PERFORMER STATUS for 2022, with a PHAS score of 98/100. 

Achieving high-performer status provides the agency with additional grant opportunities, as well as increased capital funds. Learn more here.

The HA’s next meeting will be Monday, May 8 at Saunders Circle.

Donna Gill covers Senior Center and COA news for the Carnation.

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