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Carnation Connector Looks to Match Residents With Groups, Clubs, Volunteer Ops

Residents, new and long-term, seeking to connect with others with similar interests or give back to the community may struggle to know what’s available in town.

Meanwhile, Tewksbury is growing! How can clubs and groups reach a new audience?

The Carnation wants to help. We’re building a Carnation Connector that will be a directory of town clubs and groups with everything a potential member or volunteer needs to know.

What else are we working on? Plans are underway to expand our presence on Instagram, move the comments section closer to the story to make weighing in on our platform easier and a self-serve Community Calendar where subscribers will be able to enter their upcoming events. Watch for updates on these efforts.

Interested in taking part in the Connector? Send the below information to us at with the subject line “Carnation Connector” by Jan. 1 and we’ll add your information to the page when we launch in early 2023.

Submissions not received by launch will be added later. And, you’ll be able to change/update your info as needed by contacting us. All Tewksbury-based groups that need members or volunteers — nonprofit, sports, common interest, political, religious — are invited to take part. No businesses, please.

Just copy this block of text and fill in your group name, links to your website and social pages, whether you’re accepting new members or are simply looking for volunteers, where and when you meet, any age or other restrictions on membership or volunteering, a contact point and your mission in a paragraph or two. If you have additional information you want to include, let us know.

Name of Your Group
Website/social media: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Other
Accepting new members? Y/N
Meeting info: When and where do you meet?
Volunteer opportunities: What do you need help with?
Age or other limit to join or volunteer? Maybe only adults can join, but you welcome student helpers and can offer volunteer hours.
Volunteer/membership contact(s): Name, email and/or phone
Mission: What are you all about?!

Donna Gill covers Senior Center and COA news for the Carnation.


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