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Letter: Tewksbury Is Black Bear Territory

Our resident black bear(s) are here to stay.

Tewksbury is on the cusp of an expanding black bear territory. Wildlife officials have assessed the situation and will not be relocating any bears. Relocating a black bear can be dangerous. They are placed in unknown territories where larger bears can roam and often end up being killed by bigger bears.

Since we know they are here to stay, a little Black Bear 101 is a good idea:

Black bears are shy, timid animals. They are not aggressive by nature. They go after food like trash, bird feeders and grills. They are not territorial, like some dogs. Mothers do not attack to defend their cubs.

If a black bear attacks you, it’s because it wants to eat you!

That being said, black bears almost never attack humans. If you happen to find yourself in a face-to-face scenario, do not play dead, do not run. Stand your ground, look tall and make loud noises, if possible find something to use as weapon and apply direct strikes or kicks to the nose.

Most importantly … never feed a black bear!

Stay safe, stay cool Tewksbury!

Michael Conley
51 Secor Way

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  1. Everything Plant Everything Plant September 23, 2022

    Great article. Very informative 😉

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