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Gallery: Tewksbury Memorial Day Ceremony

Tewksbury recognized deceased service members in a ceremony on Monday.

“As time passes, I worry about our sense of history,” said Select Board chair Todd Johnson in his opening remarks. “And whether our society today truly appreciates the heroism and sacrifices of our veterans. I think of the young men who repulsed the Nazi juggernaut rolling across Europe and those who died on the mountain sides of the Philippine Islands in World War II. I think of those who jumped from a troop ship into chest-high water and ran into withering fire on the beaches of Normandy.

“I think about veterans of the Korean War, which too often has been referred to as ‘The Forgotten War,’ and how the conflict accounts of our soldiers in the frozen fields of Korea will not let you forget their sacrifices. I think about troops who walked down a jungle trail in Vietnam, not knowing if their next footstep would be on a landmine. Not knowing if a hand grenade would explode when they brushed a tree branch aside. Yet they all answered the call of service. I think of the many who have served overseas over the past 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, to protect our nation and our freedom. I think of them all, on a day like this, and I know there are no words to adequately express the honor and respect they so deserve.”

Todd Johnson, chair of the Tewksbury Select Board, chats with state representative Vanna Howard. In his opening remarks, Johnson thanked all the veterans in attendance.
“As chairman of the Tewksbury Select Board and on behalf of all of the elected and appointed officials present today, I am honored to represent the town and to express our gratitude for the military service of those who gave it all and to every veteran who stands with us here today. To each of them I say, God bless you,” said Johnson.
 The guest speaker was Bruce Gorman, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and member of Opera­tion Enduring Freedom. “Today is about remembering and honoring those service members who gave their lives, those who paid the ultimate price overseas and abroad so that we can enjoy our freedoms here.” said Gorman.
The Tewksbury Fire Department and Police Department provided the colors.
Music was provided by the Swinging Seniors with backup by the TMHS Chor­us.
The traditional Present­ation of Flowers honored the fallen in all U.S. wars and was followed by the ceremonial lowering of the flag and a 21 gun sa­lute.
Led by Commander Vin Oliva, the Tewksbury VFW Post 8164 provided a 21 gun salute.
Veterans and residents, including Joe and Donna Gill, came out to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.
The flag was lowered and remained at half staff until noon.

Lorna is a U.S. Army veteran and 25-year resident of Tewksbury who has written for organizations ranging from the DIA to InformationWeek to a free weekly in New London that sent her to interview the pastry chef at Foxwoods.

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