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Letter: Kaiser Supports Biagioni-Smith for School Committee

For those of you who are weighing your choice for Tewksbury School Committee, I wholeheartedly support Kayla Biagioni-Smith. 

Committed, passionate, energetic, transparent. These are just a few words that describe Kayla. Having known her for almost five years, I can also add super mom, military wife, amazing friend, accomplished professional, and proud Tewksbury resident.

Committed. The decision to run was not on a whim, or taken lightly. Kayla pulled papers the day the town had them available. Having been heavily involved in the schools over the past few years, Kayla wants to do more. Help more. And make decisions that represent our entire town and community. 

Passionate. Do it with passion or not at all. Kayla gives 110% in all that she does. She brings her whole self to everything, be it a PAC event or meeting, co-founding the Military Employee Community ERG at John Hancock, or leading a fitness class for the No Excuse Moms, Tewksbury chapter.

Energetic. Anyone that has had a child attend the Heath Brook or Trahan over the last four years knows Kayla. She has planned, managed and hosted the most successful fundraiser, our Fun Run, the schools have ever seen. Always in a mascot costume or live streaming on Facebook, her energy is contagious. You can be sure that energy is brought to the School Committee each and every day.

Transparent. One of my favorite things about Kayla is her honesty and transparency. She tells you like it is, without the frills. This will be one of the most important things she’ll bring as a School Committee member, and that we can expect from her as a leader. 

I grew up in Tewksbury and chose to raise my three children here. Kayla is the right person for the Tewksbury School Committee, which is why I was honored to help run her campaign. She’s committed. She’s passionate. She’s energetic. She’s transparent. I will be voting for Kayla Biagioni-Smith on April 2nd. I ask you to do the same.

Anna Kaiser, Tewksbury resident 

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