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Letter: Into Action Recovery Seeks Community Support

Into Action Recovery is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2015 by a group of concerned citizens, all of whom have been directly impacted by the disease of alcoholism/ addiction. Some of these folks are in long-term recovery, others have lost children or other close family members to this awful disease — all have been affected in one way or another. This group was tired of standing by and watching as people died and families were torn apart. What started out as a small group of people desperately searching for answers has become a strong, grass-roots organization determined to make a difference and save lives.

What the members of this group concluded early on was that a lack of “quality, structured” aftercare and sober housing beds is major impediment to the recovery prospects of those who are in need of help. With that in mind and from that point on, the primary goal of Into Action Recovery has been to fill that void.

Starting in 2015, Into Action Recovery began a tireless and ambitious fundraising effort with the goal of opening highly structured sober homes for both men and women. These homes were to offer long-term, residential care based on the 12 Step Model. In 2018, the first half of that goal was realized when Into Action Recovery was able to open a men’s program in Tewksbury, which has been named Fox Run Sober Living.

The men’s program has been operational since September 2018 and has already proven to be a success and a great resource to a number of men in our community.

Our team at Into Action Recovery is thrilled with the success thus far and proud to have played such a prominent role in helping our clients achieve sobriety over the past two years. However, like so many others, for the past 5 or 6 months COVID-19 has proven to be a great challenge for our organization. Not only has our census taken a hit — particularly in the early months of the pandemic, as many folks feared living in a group setting — but also our fundraising efforts have been greatly hindered.

As a nonprofit organization, we do everything we can to work with and offer scholarships to prospective guests with financial hardship. To that end, much of our operating capital is predicated on our vigorous fundraising. Things like charity golf tournaments, raffles, and 5K races all had to be canceled in 2020. This has created a financial burden on our organization, particularly in terms of our ability to help those with financial hardship.

Even in the face of this adversity our organization has not been deterred. In the past month or so the census has begun to rebound. As outside AA meetings have been closed and hospitals overwhelmed, individuals suffering with Substance Use Disorder have been a particularly hard hit and underserved population during this pandemic. We are needed now more than ever before. We are doing all we can to meet that need. Still with our ability to fundraise in the traditional fashion on pause, we are now turning to the community we serve, particularly our partners and common allies in the fight against addiction. Our hope is that any persons or organizations that can help, will help. We are seeking to save lives and better our community. Please consider joining our cause!


Into Action Recovery Inc. Board of Directors

Editor’s note: If you would like to donate to Into Action Recovery, you can do so through the group’s GoFundMe at this link. And, you can stay in touch and up-to-date on fundraisers through their Facebook page. Thank you.

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