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6 Takeaways from the Sept. 8 North St. and Trahan School Reuse Committee

Mark Kratman was the only member missing from tonight’s meeting.

1. First up was the resident survey, which just needs some small adjustments before it will become available to the public on September 12. The committee plans to distribute the survey through various organizations in town, including the library, the senior center and school PACs. The town will send an email blast out, and the Tewksbury Carnation will also share a copy once it’s available. The survey will be due back on October 4.

2. The Tewksbury Home Build will present at the next meeting about the possibility of turning the Trahan property into affordable housing. The group is a 501(3)(c) charity whose mission is to improve access to affordable housing in Tewksbury. It currently has a number of projects in various stages, with some tax and lot line difficulties, as discussed at last month’s Select Board meeting.

3. The East Boston Community Development Corp. is currently on the agenda for the next meeting also, but the group may need to reschedule. Committee chair Bruce Shick was unsure tonight. The EBCDC is coming in just for informational purposes, as discussed at the last meeting.

The committee has some questions about what developing the property would entail. For example what type of affordable housing template would be used for the town, when would companies take over ownership of the properties and what commitment would be expected from a protentional buyer.

If you’re interested in hearing this Q&A, be sure to check the agenda to confirm the company will be attending.

4. A public outreach meeting is in the works. It will be late October or early November, depending on when the committee can secure a space with the town. Shick envisions four stations for the various topics the committee has been working on, like the public survey results, construction, open space, affordable housing and how the decision will ultimately be made.

5. The committee’s goal is to have its recommendation completed and presented to the Select Board on December 6.

6. The next meeting is September 15th.

Julie Naughton
Julie Naughton

Julie likes coffee and covers education and all things concerning the Tewksbury Public Schools, along with other topics, for the Carnation. Contact her at: attn Julie N.

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