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Need a New Appetizer, Bread, Dessert or Leftovers Idea? Taste of Tewksbury Has You Covered

By Maria Zaroulis

Joan Unger Harmon and Donna Gill launched Taste of Tewksbury in 2019 to highlight local cooks. The episodes are available on Tewksbury TV and could provide the inspiration you need for this weekend’s food marathon.

Episode: Irish Soda Bread

In this episode, long-time resident and CTI board member Marie Sweeney cooks up two versions of Mary Noon’s Irish soda bread, one with regular flour and one gluten free. If you’re looking for a different bread to accompany Thanksgiving dinner, this is the episode for you. WATCH HERE

Episode: Apple Cinnamon Kielbasa

These bite-size kielbasa and apple bites from Tewksbury representative Dave Robertson would be a seasonally appropriate appetizer or snack while watching football, or you could serve them over mashed sweet potatoes as Robertson recommends. WATCH HERE

Episode: Chocolate Cream Pie

This version of a dark chocolate cream pie is a recipe 100 People Who Care Tewksbury co-chair and Carnation writer Lorna Garey makes partially in a sous vide, to avoid the need to temper eggs for custard. It’s a rich pie that would be a change from the usual apple or pumpkin. WATCH HERE

Episode: Tewksbury Tweets

If you’re looking for a simpler dessert option that the kids can help with, watch Tewksbury Democratic Town Committee chair Cathy Dwyer and her nieces Laney Dwyer and Bella Levesque make a classic Tewksbury Tweet recipe. WATCH HERE

Episode: Bunch of B’s Stir Fry

Select Board chair Jay Kelly joins Joan and Donna to make a chicken stir fry with a variety of vegetables plus ginger and garlic. It would be simple to substitute shredded cooked turkey for the chicken and make a completely different meal from your Thanksgiving leftovers. WATCH HERE

Episode: Vietnamese Chicken Curry

Representative Tram Nguyen and her partner Nate Powers provide another way to dress up poultry with a traditional chicken curry dish. WATCH HERE

Episode: Christmas Sleighs

If you’re looking for a giftable cooking project, this episode is for you. Former town clerk Liz Carey and her daughter-in-law Gail demonstrate how to make their annual poured chocolate Christmas sleighs. WATCH HERE

More episodes:
Chicken piccata with Jan MacPherson
Shrimp and garlic ajillo with Bayberry chefs Amanda Mahoney & Victor Casada
Summer salads and cocktails with Erin Knyff

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