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School Committee Solicits Name Suggestions for New Elementary School

At last week’s School Committee meeting, chair Keith Sullivan announced an opportunity for the public to offer comments and suggestions on the best name for Tewksbury’s new elementary school.

The new school, currently under construction at a site on the Ryan School campus on Pleasant St., will serve some 790 students in grades 2 through 4 and replace the Trahan and North St. schools.

Sullivan said suggestions may be made by any resident in writing and should include the reason the submitter believes the proposed name would fit the facility. If the suggestion is to name the school after a person or organization, please include appropriate background information on the individual or group.

Per School Committee policy, the Committee has the authority to approve the naming and renaming of buildings, structures and facilities located on school property. Names should be “consistent with school district policies and promote messages aligned with the mission, vision and goals of the school district.”

The Elementary School Building Committee has collected some suggested names, including the Center School or Center Elementary School, the Ann Sullivan School, the Foster School or the Enoch Foster School, the Mico Kaufman School, the North Trahan Elementary School, the Ryan Elementary School, the Tewksbury Upper Elementary School, the Wamesit Elementary School and the Pleasant Street Elementary School.

Vote here on your choice for the new school’s name.

The School Committee will take up the name as official business at its Oct. 13 meeting, so residents interested in making suggestions should contact Keith Sullivan at or superintendent Chris Malone at before that date.

Residents can learn more about the new school at the Tewksbury Elementary School Building Committee website.

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