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Welcome to the Carnation

The idea for a sister site to the Wilmington Apple came about after our 2020 town election, when several residents said they had no idea that that there was an election, or who the candidates were, or where to vote.

As our hometown of Tewksbury, Mass. (population 32,000 or so!) grows, there’s clearly a need for a central source of news and information that’s not social media, or affiliated with any one organization. The Tewksbury Carnation wants to be that source.

As a nonprofit entity, we’re not looking to compete with local news sites, so you won’t see ads. What you will see as we get going is a roundup of local news, happenings and insights. We aim to provide a calendar of events, summaries of meetings by our local government boards and committees, a place where residents can submit letters and a learning page. There, those new to our community can find out about our form of government and ways to get involved and ask questions.

Being a nonprofit also means no paid staff — this is strictly a labor of love, by volunteers. So if you’d like to write for us (don’t worry, we have editors) or have WordPress experience and time to help make the site better, drop a line to We’d love to have you.

Big thanks to Robert Hayes of the Apple for guidance, advice and encouragement. Meanwhile, please bear with us as we get rolling.

Your Carnation Team: Nicole Burgett-Yandow, Lorna Garey, Donna Gill, Donna Higgins, Julie Naughton and the many reps of town groups who send us releases, updates and other content.

Provider of hyperlocal news, insights and events from Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Community-driven journalism by Tewksbury, for Tewksbury.

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